On And On Trax

Thank you to those who came out last night to ArtWalk. If you didn’t, you’re missing the only true display of what’s going on in worldwide underground EDM in town (yeah, we followed Sander van Doorn from 2004 until he became cartoon circa December 2011 and know that Afrojack’s only singles of merit were ‘Ghettoblaster’ and ‘Polka Dots’ (everything now is a clone).

I remember making Spinnin’ Records t-shirts at Reddi Arts and championing that Dutch sound when it meant something (2008, 2009). I LOVED THE SPINNIN’ FAMILY. Now, the Spinnin’ family puts out something every two hours and my shirts collect dust. Weak is the new Dimitri Vegas/Like Mike/SvD track which is simply a clone of Doorn’s rework of that track by The xx from 3 years ago that now rolls on WJCT as a promo spot. But you can have it for $2.49. Copy that over 4 CDJ-2000s and I’m sure the glowsticks’ll fly and no one’ll be the wiser. Bro.

So, with no Looney Tunes, we handed out the underground’s newest and best from all over the world on Harthouse, Bedrock, Last Night On Earth, R&S, Apollo, Primal, and maybe a little Pet Shop Boys and Solarstone for good measure among all the EDM wonkiness Dr. Strangelove plays from a gamut of global labels.

If you want to know where house music came from, you can’t do much better than the most renowned Chicago house label of all time, Trax, who is putting out a 16 CD box set with a nice book of it’s first 75 or so releases from 1984-1989 on October 8th. 303s, 808s and 909s represent. These songs have been sampled over the last quarter-century ad nauseam and would make a fine addition to anyone’s collection. Cover looks like it was designed by Brute, famous for his KMFDM sleeves. Pre-orders are on Amazon.

More to follow. In the meantime… peace, love and grease.

old TOTD: Phuture – Acid Trax [a history lesson from ’87]
new TOTD: Edu Imbernon & Triumph – Veranoski (Henry Saiz Remix) [spot the Janet Jackson sample]

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