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Lotta stuff going on, let’s not waste time:

Electric Sun Fest runs Friday, August 31st through Saturday, September 1st at Morocco Shrine Auditorium. Phase II to be announced soon but Phase I lineup includes Tiesto, John Dahlback, Mark Knight, Cedric Gervais and check this flyer on the ticket page…is that John Digweed’s name I see? $55-$119 10:00-01:00 3800 St. Johns Bluff Rd S, Southside

The LCD Soundsystem tour doc ‘Shut Up And Play The Hits’ is coming to Sun Ray Cinema on Wednesday, July 18th and apparently other local theaters as well, so check your listings. In total contrast to Dr. Strangelove’s love for all things LCD, I am sick of seeing James Murphy as an EDM darling in fluff pieces by mainstream music journalists who don’t know shit about dance music. The latest offense being last Sunday’s New York Times. They more than got their 15 minutes. That said, I’m sure I’ll be rolling my eyes at a local screening. 1028 Park St, Riverside 904 359 0047

Wavewhore will be at Eclipse Saturday, July 14th. Will DJ Silence beat juggle two copies of John Cage’s ‘4’33″‘? More info here. $5 4210 St. Johns Ave, Ortega 904 381 3582

More tomorrow…

TOTD – EDX – Sunset Miracles

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Yo Justin, will see you at the LCD Show 🙂 I understand your point, but no where in that article does it even mention the word electronic. It’s really geared at a huge population of indie kids living in the city. And that being said it’s pretty relevant being that he a has a movie being released about the end of his band across the US. A band that really got indie kids back into things like disco and 80s synth pop. And a band that filled Madison Square Garden for there final show. Oh did I mention there music is pretty effin great? I will admit I was late to the LCD Soundsystem party, Wes Reed and Matt Caulder will gladly point that out. But I really didn’t appreciate the full body of there stuff until after the fact. But in the same vain I am late to party with half of the vinyl I purchase now a days, some 20 and 30 years old. I do get your point about what mainstream media often overlooks things in our soundsphere. But things are changin looks at NPR they have a whole section related to dance music. From Jaques Green to Chicago house. Who knows maybe in ten years the New York Times will get it right!