Jax DNB & the Phukheadz are doing a Protocol reunion @ 1904 Friday the 13th with D.Min, Megatron, Prez Cricket, MC Prophet, Comic, Siah, Cypher, Scottie P and Ric Dolore. $7 21:00-02:00 19 N Ocean St, Downtown 904 356 0213

On to some quick reviews… Greg Downey made his name back in ’07 with a tremendous remix of Bedrock‘s ‘Heaven Scent’ and a slew of singles later, reprises his R.I.C.O. role for a truly sparkly summer’s night progger that won’t be outta place on any classy subdued 128 BPM floor. You can score it cheapest on Amazon but listen to it here. 79/100

Solarstone is back again with the second single from his third full-length of the same name. ‘Pure’ is a solid slow melodic trancer with the trademark Solarstone sound which also comes in a 136 BPM Club Mix to switch it up and a gorgeous MaRLo Remix courtesy of Liquid Recordings that ends the package nicely. Listen here. Score here. 80/100

TOTD: Libido – The Second Coming (The Invisible Man Remix)

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