Last Chance for romance

Ok folks well it was a crazed last day in Miami. We got a chance to meet up with Stryke and took us out for some Argetinian food and we were serenaded by everybody in the restaurant. We also got to check out his studio and he has some crazy mixes coming out for Danny Howell’s soon, so hopefully you’ll catch some on Ego Killer TV. Then I headed up to Sunday School to get my wristband and the place was decked to the tee’s couches outside and school buses parked but alas it was just picking up and I new I would have to leave in the morning, so I ran into the fifibear photogs and we headed down to the fools good party and caught treasure fingers and steve aoki banging it out to sweaty masses. After that Tina and Arhlene wanted me to go to the Carry On event, but alas sunday was a day of travel and as much as i wanted to go till the break of dawn, driving with 0 sleep is not a good thing. However we did stop at an amazing record store called radioactive records and spent the remainder of the months grocery $ on records cause that is how we roll here at jaxlore, food or vinyl you know the answer. this years wmc was no less spectacular then the last and the only the only reason i am not sad is I know detroit is right around the corner!

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