2 Mixes 4 U 2day

I have two new mixes ready to go today. Hard copies of JaxLORE Radio Show 3: 1989-2013 45 Toss Up Mix will be available only on CD and cassette and the latest, Vacate, on CD & MP3 via SoundlCloud. Check us out at ArtWalk today if you want hard copies with picture sleeves. Enjoy.

Side A:
Ben Swire – Foreground (Stripmine [US], 2000)
Egyptian Hip Hop – SYH (R&S [UK], 2012)
Rainbow Arabia – Without You (Version) (Kompakt [DE], 2009)
JD Twitch – Psylent Night (Juno [UK], 2011)
Nadine Shah – Cannit Leave (Apollo [UK], 2013)
Kraftwerk – Intermission (Kling Klang [DE], 1975)
New Order – MTO (Factory [UK], 1989)
Side B:
Saint Etienne – Tonight (Heavenly [UK], 2012)
Depeche Mode – Come Back (Jonsi Remix) (Mute [UK], 2009)
Orbital – Wonky ft. Lady LeShurr (Represented by The Dark Lord Of Pop) (ACP [UK], 2012)
The Sabres Of Paradise – Haunted Dancehall (As Performed by In The Nursery) (Warp [UK], 1995)
FaltyDL – Debris (Juno [UK], 2011)
Ken Ishii – Circular Motion (Edit) (R&S [BL], 1996)
This is what’s on my mind today. It’s better than a FB post. The tracklisting is within Soundcloud, so don’t be shy. Take a look, see what the underground has been doing on wax lately and I’ll see you in the abstract (communicating once you press ‘play’).

TOTD: Anton Zap – Captain Storm

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