Night one of miami fun!

sorry about last nights post =…blackberry blogging can be kinda of hazordous….

….but alas i am awake in miami and across the street is viajantes 24 hour cuban food outside our door is the wonderful remix hotel!!! Last nigt was amazing as we drove down I-95 we listend to Ken Ishii’s new album Sunriser and it was just what we needed to hear as we peddled down the coast of florida. then we got to my in laws and they had made me an early birthday cake 😉 we checked in about midnight and got our booties down the marlin where Sychophantic Slags (mr. c and adultnapper) had started to play. They about blew our minds man they also dropped the new audion track which made me smile. Mr C. and Adultnapper where just having too good a time as was our gracious host DJ Three, you even got a personal greeting as you came in from DJ Monk. Gotta love the hallucination folk. The Radio Slave came on and got gritty with his own styke of minimal electro funk. The place was sweatin with folks but it was a really good vibe. Much fun for evening one in our weekend visit. So today we get see our boy DJ Stryke, we get to tool around the national hotel playing with all the latest tech gear and maybe take a spin down to diesel and check out spectrals ryan elliot. good times

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