After the storm

Well folks I tell you Miami in two nights is just not enough, but I will take it! Yesterday we got to hang with the Ghostly folks at Deisel. Kate Simko rocked while we had a heart to heart with Ryan Elliot about being a globetrotting dj, and why everyone needs to go to Japan. Then mr Pär Grindvik took over and played some wonderful techno. He just sounded so damn good. I didn’t realize this the saem guy that has dropped some harder stuff on Adam Beyer’s Drumcode label. This was his first trip to the US but he had some major east coast whether problems and missed a few gigs cause he had to travel by train =0 I hope this doesn’t discourage his visit to detroit. As always Sam Valenti Ghostly owner was a gracious and down to earth host. Then we found ourselves banging on every piece of gear we could get your hands on at the remix hotel. The real treats were getting to play the Moog little phatty and you should have seen my wife oogling over the thermin. I have to give mad props to DJ Stryke at the pro-tools demo. It was because of him that we even made it down here. We met his partner Santos and all the Digidesign folks and we got to hear his and Santos remix of Pink being created. We are looking forward to a nice little dub of that being worked on as well. We caught Ralph Falcon dropping his space brand of elecro-house and then Heidi, who surprised me with a more deep techy housey style at the Beatport stage. We had anoter amazing dinner at The Guru, amazing curry!!! Saturday night we did on the cheap this year and hit up every hotel party there was to find on the beach and then some. We saw Q-Burns, Atnarko, and a bunch of florida folks all sorts of crazy house music up and down collins ave. We did stop in at the Rokbar which was like model central, but it was mostly 80s and rock remixes and by by that time we were on our last leg to we headed back to the hotel and chatted with the Remix Hotel folks for a bit. We might have to go visit them in Atlanta in September. All in all it was another great trip, that almost didn’t happen, we missed a few of our favorites but hey may is coming up and detroit is around the corner, I am musically refreshed and heading back to Jacksonville.
Oh and btw expect pics soon 😉

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