sk one

We had a blast at the Sander Kleinenberg show last night. The venue was just right for the occasion. I thought I might be headed to Pretention City but it was decent and everybody was well behaved. There were plenty of staff and with three bars, it was easy to get served. Very professional and accommodating. When we showed up, Larry Banks was cookin’ it up something good, almost in Radio Slave territory and the place was packed.

Sander took the decks clad in a classic Happy Mondays ‘Hallelujah Rave On’ t-shirt that would not have looked out of place in my dresser. Stoked!! Starting off, it seems he felt he had to bring it back down a notch into the funkier realm of house (which we expected) and build it from there. Once I started to hear that staccato Dutch house however, I knew we were going places.

Sander dropped in some old skool influence, which for me, made the night. No shit, you say? Well, I’m a sucker for The KLF, but Serge Devant’s new cover of ‘3 A.M. Eternal’ was crucial. I even saw the guy from the Safe Touch Security commercials and when that track dropped, he had a “30 second or less response time” to the floor. And how could I miss the Chicago hip-house classic ‘Yo Yo Get Funky’ by Fast Eddie? No Shazam necessary! Yeah, it was bangin’.

I saw a dude with a ‘5K’ shirt on who I assume was part of the crew. That dude shoulda been manning a merch table with a stack of those shirts and some new CDs. We’re so close to the release date of the album, they should have had some for sale. Many EDM artists do not take advantage of the merch side and I’ll never know why. Easy money.

I can’t wait for the next party and I hope Suite brings some more big room club DJs going forward. Think Amsterdam and not Miami. They can definitely handle it and our club scene will cultivate a more international vibe.

And now, some photos:

larry banks

All hail Larry Banks

sk four

The set-up

sk two

Full house

sk three

Shine a light on ‘em, brother.

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