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Ok folks, we here at Jaxlore HQ are getting ready to throw down at Suite tonight for Sander Kleinenberg, along with Larry Banks and Alberto Diaz. Sander was kind enough to answer a few questions about himself and the new record so first we wanna share that brief e-mail exchange with him (and fuck me, I wish I could’ve talked to him more about new beat):

Sander, what was your first bona fide EDM record purchase and how old were you?

I bought a compilation called ‘This Is The Sound of New Beat’ back in 1988. You could say that was the first together with "Love Can’t Turn Around" by Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk.

Did that record change your life? If not, what dance record(s) DID change your life (or at least shift your consciousness)?

It completely changed my life. The sound was inspiring and fresh and a birth of a movement followed. However I was 14, so the summer of love didn’t fully sink in with me until sometime later in the early 90s.

Your new album has surprised the old fans of the whole ‘4 Seasons’ era. What do you attribute your change in production tastes over the years to?

It’s a question of personal growth, I guess. Just raising the bar every time I go into the studio, journey really, always looking for the perfect beat.

Will we ever see a singles retrospective?

I would hope so in 10 years from now…haha.

What do you think of the fast-paced release schedule of record labels in this digital age? Are labels releasing more crap just to keep up and isn’t it a shame some good new tracks don’t have the staying power of 10 years ago?

It has definitely become harder to be on top of everything that goes on nowadays, but it sure as hell is very exciting to discover the gems through all of the rubbish. The art of selecting, which is truly what DJing is all about, has become even more important and the former ways of shifting through the good and the bad are gone.

I noticed the obvious influence of Wired’s “To The Beat Of The Drum” in your track “This Is Our Night.” Are you inspired by the old school NYC house sound?

Absolutely. I think the influence of U.S. street culture from the 1980s is probably the biggest cultural influence that has happened to me in my life and with that the sounds of that era.

Do you have any fond memories of your time spent in Florida you’d like to share with our audience?

Florida is the first state to have fully embraced my sounds my guess is because of its Spanish roots. I have more than fond memories and love for it than I can express in one sentence.

Finally, what kind of music could I expect to hear if we took a road trip in your car?

Expect the unexpected.


And now, in lieu of the forthcoming review of the new album, here’s a press release to give you an official taste of what it’s all about:




Dutch producer Sander Kleinenberg officially steps into the artist seat with ‘5K’, his debut studio album out June 14, 2011 on his own label This Is Recordings (via INgrooves). In support of his collection of elegantly entrancing electro that slides from energetic dance floor beats into airy sonic dreamscapes, he’ll return to North America this June for a string of live dates.

Co-produced with Josh Gabriel and mixed by Kleinenberg and Steve "Dub" Jones [Chemical Brothers, UNKLE, Audio Bullys], ‘5K’ is quite the ride. With its opening track, ‘This Is Our Night’ rolling into ‘Chemically’ featuring Ryan Starr, Kleinenberg’s propulsive production morphs into an anthemic refrain that’s bound to get bodies moving. Another song built for the clubs is his "attempt at being French," the 80’s-inspired vocodered ‘R.Y.A.N.L. (Rock You All Night Long)’. Then, Kleinenberg takes the listener to outer space on the warm rapture of "Closer" where Neil Ormandy’s vocals reach beyond the sky. British jazz singer-songwriter Jamie Cullum, who guests on the bass-y and bouncy first single ‘Remember When’, adds a soulful swagger to the track which sees SK expanding even further and embracing a new vibe. The song can be experienced through its video [see previous Jaxlore post for the link]

There are also collaborations with fellow Dutchmen Kraak & Smaak on ‘The Journey’ featuring Ursula Rucker. The dance floor explodes again with ‘M.A.N.I.A.C.’, which was built especially for the clubs Sander came up in, and then into ‘Disko Riot’ featuring Jon Fugler, which is, in Sander’s own words, "…a techno protest song written strongly to stand up against what the world of money has done to us all–how bankers obsessed with wealth have fucked us all over… and still do." ‘This Love’ draws from De La Soul, Jungle Brothers, and A Tribe Called Quest with Ace Reign firing off incendiary verse. All of these textures, sounds, and swells converge on a gorgeous collaboration with Miss Montreal titled ‘Wish I Said’ – and the song says it all. ‘5K’ is the next level for electronic music.

Sander Kleinenberg established himself as an electronic music contender worldwide in 2000 with the release of the classic progressive house track, ‘My Lexicon’. The song spread like wildfire becoming a club standard and announcing the producer’s formal arrival on the scene. Becoming highly in-demand from every facet of the music biz, Kleinenberg took on a myriad of projects and solidified his status as a tastemaker. In 2001, he began releasing compilations annually and he formed his very own label, Little Mountain Recordings. Given his talents behind the decks, he also remixed tracks from the likes of Justin Timberlake, N.E.R.D., Annie Lennox, The Eurythmics, Sasha, Janet Jackson, and more. His latest remixes includes vibrant versions of Katy Perry’s ‘Last Friday Night’, Daft Punk’s ‘Tron Legacy’, Dev’s ‘Bass Down Low’, and Inner Party System’s ‘Not Getting Any Better’.

All the while, he began DVJing – his own patented show pairing live DJing with visuals and music. His shows became legendary as he took the scene by storm with festival and club appearances everywhere, including most recently the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival. In June, he’ll return to the States and Canada for a select run of appearances in Toronto, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Calgary, Las Vegas, Orange County, CA, and Los Angeles where he will perform material from ‘5K’ set to his custom complementing visuals.

Sander Kleinenberg describes the album’s overall sound, aesthetic and vibe best. The artist reveals, "’5K’ is a mix of sounds, ideas, and directions that have inspired me throughout my life. It’s a collage of AUDIO-biographical flavors."


  1. T.I.O.N.
  2. Chemically – featuring Ryan Starr
  3. R.Y.A.N.L.
  4. Closer – featuring Neil Ormandy
  5. Remember When – featuring Jamie Cullum
  6. Follow Me
  7. The Journey – featuring Ursula Rucker (with Kraak & Smaak)
  8. M.A.N.I.A.C.
  9. Disko Riot – featuring Jon Fugler
  10. This Love – featuring Ace Reign
  11. Wish I Said – featuring Miss Montreal

See you guys tonight!

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