Snatch: End of an era

I will miss truly miss Snatch and it’s amazing line up DJs. I can’t tell you how many nights that I’ve driven that 3.5 hour trek home, exhilarated from a great night of dancing and letting go. Our most gracious host Three has helmed intimate gatherings with the likes of Sasha and Dubtribe, off the cuff shenanigans with Laurent Garnier, Mixmaster Morris and Mr C. and bountiful sets by DJs that would normally pass Central Florida by. Snatch has been a flagship in the changing tastes of an electronic underground and very true to the Three’s eclectic tastes. I hope Brian Busto and Matty will continue the tradition because Florida needs it. Miami can be just a few too many hours to drive on a weekend just be sure your bring our friend Three down from time to time.

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