A Few Important Announcements

Few things I wanna share tonight. First, I have a new mix CD for the Jaxlore label called ‘Synthesize Nature’ which features a sandpaper sleeve housing a bit of the best downtempo, dubstep, jungle, ambient and house in recent months and it’ll be uploaded to Soundcloud shortly. CDs are a run of 25.

Second, Bold Bean Coffee has been having DJs on Thursday nights for a minute now. Check ’em out and get your shot on too.  869 Stockton St. Ste. 1-2 Riverside 904 855 1181

Finally, I’m so stoked about tomorrow’s Sasha show but I cannot help to think it is some sort of signpost and for different reasons. For some of you who read this blog, it will be your swan song. You’re deep into your 30s and this may be the last big show with all the old faces signaling an end to an era. For the new headz, those who came up in the 00s, this will be a chance to join those who came before you and celebrate great music as one. The rest of us who are D4L while seeing all the old faces come out of the woodwork, may also see this as a door to look back on our beginnings, to look forward embracing the new styles and to keep evolving as one house nation.

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