A Nice Pair from Mr. C and co

Adultnapper & Mr. C present Sycophant Slags

Keep Off EP

Poker Flat Recordings [Germany]

12" / MP3

Release Date: 02 15 10

Easily the most commercial of this batch, ‘Keep Off’ has a full vocal to go with it’s groove. I’ll be lookin’ out for this track in Miami. The original is a low-key late night house jam that’s assertive enough to step it up a notch. Fidget house-heads and 808-cowbell enthusiasts should check the Reboot re-rub while the final mix by Wighnomy Brothers really cuts both ways: for a house or techno set. A chameleon of a mix that’ll keep the bodies shuffling. 7/10 Eden Alison

Mr. C

Lunar EP

Wagon Repair [Canada]

12" / MP3

Release Date: 01 25 10 / 01 18 10

I was surprised at how lush this record sounded. It’s such a smooth ride that when Mr. C slips in the vibes of the best Warp Records circa-1993 in the middle of ‘Full Moon’, I knew I’d be saving this for the outdoor summer parties. But why wait, these cuts are excellent for a set opener and they’re all related to each other. ‘Waxing Moon’ belongs on Plastic City with it’s sparse, liquid synths and finale ‘Dark Moon’ is fat and chunky affair. A solid effort for this Canadian label. 7/10 Eden Alison

Mr. C and Adultnapper will be playing at Made Events Sunday School for Degenerates @ WMC 2010.

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