I want to tell you…

…stories of old. For those of you that came out to ArtWalk and picked up my new mix CD of the same name, thanks. The mix was designed to act as if I handed you a mixtape in 1993. It will not be on Soundcloud and I only did a limited run of 35 using ads from a 1923 issue of The Atlantic Monthly as sleeves. So for the lucky few (and I still have a couple left for those interested), here is/was the tracklist:
New Order – Spooky (Out Of Order Mix)
Jam & Spoon – Stella’s Cry
Jam & Spoon – Stella (Remix)
The Orb – Blue Room (Frank de Wulf Remix)
Fuse – Train-Trac (Kaboose)
808 State – Pacific (Mellow Birds Mega Edit / Bonus Bird Beats)
Slowdive – In Mind
Slowdive – In Mind (Reload Remix – The 147 Take)
AFX – .000890569
More to follow…
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