out now<><><>Ego Killer Vol. 1

Not only is it out but we will have some promo cd-r to from Ego Killer at Art Walk. As we are directly affiliated with them a review would be biased, so here is what the good folks at Ego Killer have to say:
We all need a place to start, somewhere to go, someone to be and while all of this can be illusory it is what keeps bringing us back again. Ego Killer’s first compilation brings together four artists from all points to provide collage of sounds all of there own accord yet with a common purpose. Sliptide opens with Somewhere along the way, providing a buzzing slow motion affair made for long desert drives and maxell tapes. Morning Light by Pooler is dark and driving occasion with dash of sun shining in. The Pink Cloud is a mechanized look into future skies through robotic eyes by The Googly. Decair’s Slipping away takes us through an assembly line of dreams that is both utilitarian and expansive but never stops. This collection assembled is the means to the beginning that is happening over and over again. Art Work by Cay Horiuchi.

Come get your vinyl and digital fix on with Dr.Strangelove, Eden Alison, Matt Caulder and Ted Lane. 3/6 Downtown Jacksonville in front of Central Station Firehouse.
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