Ultrabound…man this is so overload…yesterday we went and heard Coldcut speak at the keynote for M3, it was really inspiring these guys have pioneered underground music for over 20 years and quite successfully. Then got some grub headed back to the bioship for a much needed nap… then we sped down to the M3 stage, on the way I got yelled at by a guy in a walker I believe the quote was “slow down pig!” and he was jay walkin, gotta love Miami. With a bit of luck we made to the M3 stage and low and behold The Juan Mclean just blew the place up. It was a full on band with him singing and vocoding drums, a strap on synth and all the other goodies, he really rocked it. Then we had a bite to eat at the Guru, south beach’s best Indian food mmmmm… went showered and headed to the Penthouse for some Railyard Records action. Alex Delano/Chamea/Tim Xavier/Joe Mull all rocked but the Mr Mathew Jonson huffed and puffed and tore the house down with some crazy fat @$$ bass lines he was jamming like there was no tommorow even when smoke started coming from the monitor it just fed this guy on, they really had to almost pull him off stage it was great, we wanted to stay for Freaky Chakra but it was already 4am and we got a long day today. So we are off to Ultra come see us at the Beatport stage rocking out to some techno i’ll have my wilson headband and sunglasses on!!!!

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