Still lost and lovin it

Still lost and lovin it….ok folks yesterday was amazing…we showed up at the railyards records meet and greet at the whitelaw hotel and it was raining i nearly fell on my @$$ about a hundred times with my stupid flip flops on. but we were bombarded with cds and got to hear Joe Mull who really can rock the electronic body man, good stuff and free green mysterious shots, tasty. But even with the rain we had to go to the remix hotel beatport pool session, with the chance to see chris liebing up close we had to brave the elements and an expensive cab, do you know the cab prices go up if you sit in traffic??? Ok so we get to the national and we go out the back and its pouring, but out by the pool we hear the sweet sounds of techno so eowyn, says where braving the rain so we did and there he is chris liebing equipment covered in towels rocking out with a traktor set and omg did he rock out us and about 200 soaked attendees really got the treat. So afterwards we went and broke bread with our friend monica from elysiumagazine. Then back to the national, and more craziness booka shade was just going off with his minimal/electro hybrid set. Then MINUS hero Troy Pierce came on dropped one of the most forward thinking techno sets i have ever heard. so after that we ran back to the hotel took some showers drank some vitawater and then headed to bed. Yeppers the got hear the minimal trance legend James Holden at the Made Border Community showcase it, bed was just starting to jump and we had to head downtown. ok folks here is the LOST in lost in miami, i have never been to the design district before and if you dont know your SE from your SW you can end up in the wrong part of town,, so after some directions from a nice police officer we made it to the district. We missed most of The Juan Mclean dj set but will see him tonight, we saw nice guy and musical guru Sam Velenti of Ghostly records. Then the moment we had been waiting for Matthew Dear/Audion took hold of the reigns and blew the house down. He is a wmc staple for us and does nothing short of destroy the dancefloor with his acid mayhem…all i can say is listen to the audion track kisses. After that florida favorite three came on to rock the night away. we wanted to head out the live wrong party but it was 3:30 and i was of course lost again downtown so we decided best head home for some sleep or we might not make it home. So I am going to wash that gray right out of my hair and head to down to m3summit to go see coldcut give the keynote. tonight mathew johnson minimal techno/trance at its finest.

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