Party On, Gareth

Gareth Emery
Northern Lights
Napith Music [US] / Garuda Music [UK]
MP3 (iTunes Bonus Version) / CD / MP3 / AAC
Release date: 09 23 10

Gareth Emery, for the uninformed, came on the scene back in the middle of last decade and since then, through endless touring and a string of quality singles, has positioned himself among the most popular producers on the trance circuit and one of the most popular DJs in the world. This is his debut album. I’ll admit I had high expectations, as popular as he is. I know a producer’s DJ sets and their recorded output can differ and I was hoping there was going to be something new here but it’s just another bad-ass trance album.

Opener ‘Stars’ paired with ‘El Segundo’ does well to get the motor running. It sets the stage for what is, I think, the best vocal performance on the album: ‘Too Dark Tonight’ by Gareth’s sister Roxanne. Original and refreshing vocal, for real. It contrasts what’s supposed to be the big single off this thing which is ‘Sanctuary’ sung by Lucy Saunders. Though the performance is fine, it doesn’t add anything new. It doesn’t help that Gareth uses the whole Andy Moor cut-up-vocals effect to boredom. You have no choice but to draw similarities between ‘Full Tilt’ and Jaytech. ‘Citadel’ is one of the strongest things on here, a track Gareth does all by himself. Set closer ‘All Is Now’ with Activa, also does the business. The iTunes Bonus version off this album has two bonus tracks: ‘I Will Be The Same’ (unfortunately more Andy Moor-isms), “Global’ (but it really does sound like Marcus Schossow, I promise) and a video.

Listen, this album gets the job done. You will be totally entertained with this album in your grip, but I’ve heard it about 500 times since 2006. Hey, life is short. We only do one breakdown in trance now, no one’s got time for two breakdowns. People go to the bar on that second breakdown now. So a debut’s gonna have to knock my block off. And sadly, this is just a little better than average. My friends say he killed it in Orlando, though. 6/10

Gareth Emery North American Tour dates:

10 28 10 New York – Cielo
10 29 10 San Francisco – Ruby Skye
10 30 10 Seattle – WaMu Theater
11 05 10 Budapest – Club Play
11 10 10 Calgary – 355 Mansion
11 11 10 Denver – Beta
11 12 10 Phoenix – 910 Live
11 13 10 Chicago – Vision

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