Balance 017
mixed by Timo Maas
EQ Recordings [AU]
2xCD / MP3
Release date: 10 26 10

I’ve played this set through three times and Timo’s really nailed it. This album is being touted as a comeback but Timo Maas really hasn’t gone anywhere. Yes, this is his first comp that’s gone to retail since 2003’s ‘Music for the Maases 2’ but he’s done several mix-CDs in between, there’s his sophomore LP, 2005’s ‘Pictures’ and some singles here and there, not to mention his work with Santos in their Mutant Clan guise. This release, however, follows a long line of deeper-than-deep comps from Balance and was the perfect platform for Timo to really get back in the spotlight. He apparently spent several months choosing the tracks for this comp. It shows. The tracks flow together with incredible cohesion and I will go on record and say this is the best mixing I have heard all year on a comp, so far. There are sections where it sounds really NYC, like it’s Francois K by way of Mannheim. You’ll know you’ve arrived at Club Irony the moment you recognize Danny Tenaglia’s ‘Elements’ fade in. Other parts are down, dark and drowsy. At times, there’s even a jazz vibe that flows in and about. Several new Timo Maas productions are featured and are really top notch. Timo was always hit-or-miss with me a decade ago but these impress. Opening cut ‘Morning Beauty’ is that first crack of sunlight through the blinds. ‘Kick 1 Kick 3’ on Disc 2 is a dirty little monster and just came out on promo 12”. Mutant Clan’s ‘Arcadia’ rises to the top while bad-ass 303 classics from Emmanuel Top and Hardfloor round it out. There’s supposed to be an EP of tracks from this set, whether it’s coming out on a 2×12” like Balance 016 remains to be seen. There’s so much going on throughout this whole set that each listen is really rewarding. Timo’s on tour in the US, if you’re around, do not miss the chance to go see him. You might actually go out and have a good time for once, you fucking elitist. 8/10

Timo Maas North American Tour Dates

11 19 10 San Francisco – Ruby Skye
11 20 10 Los Angeles – Henry Fonda Theater
11 22 10 Chicago – Green Dolphin
11 24 10 Miami – Nocturnal
11 25 10 Montreal – TBA
11 26 10 New York – District 36
11 27 10 Toronto – Footwork

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