Buena Vida

Sometimes a track comes around that makes you feel great the first time you hear it and stays with you all day. Michael Cassette’s ‘Through The Windows’ is one such track. Released as the latest single off their debut album ‘Temporarity’ I’ll be the first to admit, all the remixes are horrible: this is the kind of track where the Original Mix rules the day. It should have been paired with a B-Side like other Cassette releases. But it is uplifting and beautiful in a natural kind of way. It can only make you feel good. The rest of the album is bright and new and deep. It’s got that runnin’ synthed-out bassline all up in it. Just listen to their cover of Jan Hammer’s old Miami Vice crapshoot ‘Crockett’s Theme’. I also have to mention 2008’s seriously classic ‘Shadow’s Movement’. There is something fresh and good here. Cassette is actually a project based on the sounds of the Roland Juno-106 and it works so well because these melodies are practically married to the 106. Anything less would be uncivilized. 8/10

Michael Cassette
Through The Windows
Anjunadeep [UK]
Release date: 03 01 11

This is what I mean by ‘uncivilized’. 2/10

Michael Cassette
Anjunadeep [UK]
CD / MP3
Release date: 11 29 10

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