3 Club Monte

The flyer pictured sets the speed record for having only taken 44 seconds to complete. TSI is showcasing Mr. L and DJ NyU from Panama City along with Mason Masters and Taylor Wells. Chances are high someone’s gonna play that new Afrojack and Paris Hilton you’ve already stolen a rip of. See ya there, player. 20:00 – 02:00 $5/$8 333 E Bay St. Downtown

Tonight at 1904, The Garage lineup seems to be not as hyped and my bet is they believe the crowd will bring that good Garage vibe. While usually rotating guest DJs, tonight sees The Residents along with DJ Quest One (again) and DJ Leonard Remix Rroy, whose name you should probably Google if you’re not familiar. In the interest of full disclosure, I am a member. However, this member would be remiss without reporting the word on the street which is: the music should be as great as the vibe. Tonight is more important than we may think… 21:00 – 02:00 $5 19 N Ocean St, Downtown 904 356 0213

Lure at Square One coming back at ‘cha again. Now I know they haven’t run out of hot local DJs, right??? Well, judge for yourself as we get ready for Kinesis, Joshua Binczak and Alberto Diaz. Seems like The Garage and Lure have the same M.O. with the recycled lineups. However, it only sets the bar higher for all the guys playing. Who’s gonna bring their A-game? The music doesn’t lie. 20:00 – 02:30 $5 1974 San Marco Ave, San Marco 904 306 9004

TOTD: Dosem – How Do You Do It

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