It was about time I headed up to TSI to check out this night which I heard gets pretty live. I met Sam of the Bangarang crew who showed me the ropes and though I don’t know the significance of the namesake, it involves LED hula-hoops, glowsticks and fire and that’s just fine by me. The crowd was up for a party! The music was like if you took every Deadmau5 remix, any track that’s bitten off Afrojack in the last 18 months and any Top 40 remix, put ‘em on shuffle and VOILA!: I dub thee DJ Chowderhead. It looks like they have the under-21 demograph sewn up and they’re converting some new blood. To EDM, I’m not sure. For a hedonistic night, yes. Now open that upstairs again! 333 E Bay St 904 424 3531

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