notes from hell

Music from Hell, Dj that is for free off of his new album Teufelswerk. via bodytonic

The Field have a new album coming out on Kompakt pop goes techno at its finest and with singer John Stanier from Battles on there it’s bound to be some fun. On other new album tip check out Junior Boys single Hazel the first single of the new album Begone Dull Care.

Detroit prod Omar S. is out and about now catch his flavor at bodytonic, also we have another fine mix from the googly.

W.M.C. (what More Can i ask for!) Picks:
If you Made it to sunday school you know what I am talking about but don’t ask the spectral folks because they just might lose it. If you have your sunglasses on you might be safe. More poetry to come…

and of course don’t miss ego killer tv and crew as they invade blue room on the 14th.

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