Solarstone‘s new long player dropped this week and it is a call to all the genre-whores of trance. Read all about it here. Review to follow…

If you haven’t gotten your Sasha tickets yet, score ’em here. No need to get all holier than thou about it, Sash doesn’t play ‘Xpander’ anymore. I know: you saw him in ’99. Well just wash your Jncos and come out then.

The Jax date is still not mentioned on his website, by the way. Can someone get on that? It makes us look less legit (though we should be used to that by now).

You saw me hype this up on Thursday so it’s one more time for ya mind. Square One is getting their EDM on (hope they still have Rolling Rock). Info is here and see you there.

Finally, Bangarang is cooking it up at TSI with a ‘Trapical Thunder’ edition featuring Matthew Connor, Sir Charles and Zach Weinert and Mason Masters. $5 over 21 $8 under. Remember, if you’re 18, you need to show your high school graduation paperwork showing your grad date. I don’t know why a bog standard ID won’t cut it but either way, BYOJuicebox.

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