An Aqueous Solution

Anjunadeep 03
Mixed by James Grant & Jaytech
MP3 / 2xCD
Release date: 02 21 11 (MP3) / 02 28 11 (2xCD)

Anjunadeep 03 sees the current label roster influencing and being influenced. Featuring at least 20 unreleased tracks and almost twice that many voice IDs on this promo, I understand Anjuna is hep to protect their investment. A&R head James Grant opens the comp with a bubbling, percolating mix. All the familiar sounds and patterns you know this label for simply shimmer while at the same time being melodically uncommitted. (The Michael Cassette track, however, is instantly recognizable). Its like a carrot dangling on a string in front of you in the best way. Other highpoints include re-rubs of two fine moments in dance music: Underworld’s ‘Two Months Off’ by DAVI and a cheeky edit of Sasha’s remake of Spooky’s ‘Belong’ by Prankster show these’ guys’ current take on the past. Also, Cassette alias Komytea drops a killer in ‘Algebra’. Top one.

The second half is selected by Jaytech and is the most peaktime mix I’ve heard from him. More positive vibes build on each other into that familiar high that hits midway through Disc Two of every mix comp you ever owned. A hat-trick of standout tracks by artists whose lengthy and awkward names could no way fucking flow in this sentence give way to Jaytech’s new piece, ‘Djembe’, a powerful statement effectively showcased. Dinka contributes ‘The Sleeping Beauty’ which is another gorgeous moment and Solarity closes with the forward-looking and euphoric ‘Marsh’. A job well done.

The Anjunabeats in Miami show this year will be doin’ the business as usual. Check it out on Thursday, March 24th @ The Ice Palace. Tickets and lineup info (including the return of Gabriel & Dresden) can be obtained by clicking here. This is the space time continuum. 7/10

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