Days of Rave and Roses: Video Review

With the whole netflix phenomena we definitely have access to more videos then ever so I am going to try and start checking electronic documentaries out and doing my best Siskel and Ebert for you folks. First up is Rise: The Story Of Rave Outlaw Disco Donnie. This is really a snapshot in time of the rave scene of the late nineties early 2000s. Not so much a full blown biography about Disco Donnie, as it really is more a well crafted slice of rave scene from that time period. Produced in 2003 the soundtrack mixed by Josh Wink really stands the test of time and really brings you back to the pounding walls of bass that one could find at the Freebase Society parties. Some reviewers find flaws in story telling but if you ever partied in back in the day you would really get a kick out of this. Unfortunately netflix does not have the bonus footage which talks about the R.A.V.E. act (which ravaged the scene across the south east) and Donnie’s prosecution under the federal crack house law. But you can find it for $10 on amazon and it is a fun peak back in time of the southeast rave scene. Follow the jump for more on Disco Donnie.

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