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Jesse Rose vs Radio Slave

One of the highlights of WMC was the first night at The White Room. Radio Slave and Jessie Rose played all night and were billed as Rekids vs. Made To Play All-Stars. If you’re familiar with these guys, you know how deep, dark and funky these cats get. If you don’t, stop sleeping on ’em . They were switching off every thirty minutes playing house and techno, jazzy and funky, managing to be all over the place without ever abandoning the crowd who were basically wildin’ out throughout.

 Rekkids vs Made to Play
Jesse Rose had the place littered with his label comp for Scion as part of their sampler series which proved to be a buffet of grit and bounce showcasing a few of the artists on Made To Play like Riva Starr, Idiotproof and Oliver$. Also scored a Radio Slave promo for Fabric 48 which I had missed. Don’t know if you guys remember ‘Koma Koma’ a little ways back but the Steve Lawler remix (with one of the thickest beats of ’09) is on this comp and sums up this show exactly: dark and wild just like the sleeve pic of a giant eyeball ogling a haunted house. Plus, we ran into Arthur Baker. Yeah, it was a good night out.

Arthur Baker

a night at made to play

Scion CD Sampler v27
A Night At Made To Play
Scion AV [US]
Release Date: 11 05 09
Fun, techy and a little loopy. 7/10

 fabric 48

Fabric 48 Radio Slave Fabric [UK] CD Release Date: 10 20 09 [US] Heady and hedonistic. 8/10

 fabric 50 

Fabric 50 Martyn Fabric [UK] CD Release Date: 02 23 10 [US] Just want to throw in a quick blurb about the new Fabric comp mixed by Martyn. The Dutch part-time dubstepper sheds a few skins on this release and plays the spectrum of beats fantastic. This is a sometimes quiet and personal, almost lonely comp that still manages to have something for everybody like the best Fabric comps tend to do. Is it techno or house? Who cares. Martyn’s cuts are varied as they are bizarre but the winners for me are Ben Klock’s reworking of Harthouse rosterboys Deepgroove & Jamie Anderson’s ‘The Clock’ and EDM chameleon Jan Driver’s ‘Rat Alert’. Take the red pill. 8/10 – Eden Alison

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