Summer Lovers

Ok so the summer is almost at end but that doesn’t mean we have to give up our love affair with songs and mixes that have engrained themselves in our hearts as we leave our our summer loves behind. First I’ll recap a few albums that really swept me off my feet. My first kiss was Pantha Du Prince’s Black Noise. It started with “Stick to my side” a stunning trip into melodic minimal house goodness only bested by dropping Noah Lennox’s (Animal Collective) dreamy vocals over the top. But Black Noise as a whole is a real sum of its parts, made to play from start to finish on a warm summer day. My second summer romance was with Canadian boy Caribou and his Swim LP. Like Pantha Du Prince, Caribou is not afraid to use bells or in this case “Bowls”. His sweet rock melodies where given turn to techno swirling dervishes, and you couldn’t go to a festival anywhere this summer with out hearing the hit “Sun”. Ok so my last but not my least is a mix, a freebie per say, but boy toy James Holden really did something special on this amazing mix for XLR8R. Between his stellar Border Community tracks and everything else he hits the nail every time! Ps you can still get this mix here! As the falls creeps in I will miss my summer but if you have not introduced yourself to any of my summer loves then you need to get sorted just in time for the fall.

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