I am feeling a bit Wonky

Today Orbital is about to get Wonky in the US. Their release is available via Itunes. In honor of that, I gave the deluxe version a spin a few times to ease into my favorite brother’s return.
When you have a classic artist like Orbital return from the grave you never really know what to expect. We totally loved there live reunion show and as an awesome bonus you get a few of their live tracks in totally fresh form from their Australia show. 
When I heard they were working with producer Flood I was a tad bit worried they would be venturing into more pop territory and what would befall more favorite brothers, more tracks like “One perfect sunrise”? Well after a few listens I am happy to have my old friends back even though this is truly a foray into a high-quality rave-pop. On a few tracks like “One Big Moment” and “Distractions” I still feel the deeper vibes that Orbital pushed throughout their career. I was always a fan of their tunes that maybe weren’t made as dance tunes but somehow managed to make you want to dance. On Wonky I feel this was made with a dance floor in mind, as evinced by the bass line in New France. A little more of a raw Phil album, as opposed to the headiness of Paul. I hate to say but they got a bit dubsteppy with Beezledub, but even I have to admint “Satan” lends itself to the hard step but still makes me want to tap my foot. But hey they also bit into drum and bass back in the day with the “Times Fly EP” so I guess I can appreciate the go at it. The title track “Wonky”, at first listen is a bit breaky for me, the sped up rap of Lady Leshur would have been best left in the cutting room, but once they twist her voice into a crazy cat-like sound and I feel like “ok” there is my Orbital, making something other-worldy of the world. 
Like my other friends Underworld (except done  much better fashion), I appreciate their foray into the pop world, but I can only hope that someday soon their evolution leads to a return to their deeper roots where they spawned a generation of music and helped develop an iconic sound.

Check out the video for “Wonky” below:

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