Orlando does it again!

Two shows coming up I wanted to alert the faithful to…


Erasure plays House Of Blues on Friday September 2nd. They just finished up their Pop! tour (on the heels of releasing the Total Pop! – The First 40 Hits comp) and come back to our side of the pond to kick off the tour for their new upcoming album, Tomorrow’s World, released October 4th in the US. Lead single, ‘When I Start To (Break It All Down)’ (which comes out September 26th as a CD and MP3) can be heard on the band’s site. You can purchase tickets here, but with the service charge, they’re $47.75 a piece. However, this price could imply that Erasure ain’t comin’ back. Catch them while you can, they still get rave reviews.



Matt Caulder, your prayers have been answered. In a stunning, almost unbelievable turn of events, OMD’s actually coming BACK to the states due to the success of the first tour. All can be right with the world. OMD plays The Beacham and you can get tickets here. They go from $25-$30 but Andrew McCluskey won’t pay your sugar tax. Now where’s the afterparty gonna be…

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