Ok i think everyone and there brother knows i am a big cadenza freak here, so I’ve been waiting for Luciano’s new album to drop and damn was i not disappointed. The depth that Tribute to the Sun puts forth is astounding and something that not only satisfies ones need to dance but ones emotional needs as well. Luciano has a way of mystifying the listener. Whether taking us to a pure child like place of Los Ninos de Fuera or putting us a in mesmerizing Latin trance of Pierre for Anni, he has a way of completely submerging the us in places we would rather be. Now whether those places exists or not is really in Luciano’s mind. His deep compelling rhythms and minimal train rides are still enthralling. Now the minimal purists will have something to say about whether this is his most forward thinking work, but you know what I have to say about them. Luciano has me riveted and I will be rockin Tribute for some time to come. To stream the whole album for yourself at Tribute to the Sun.

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