Hot Topix

Orbital‘s got a new one out this week. The album’s called ‘Wonky’ and is a welcome return to the EDM fray for these two veterans. If you like cats, check the new video for ‘Wonky’ and for a fine review of the record, check this. Formats include 2xLP, CD, MP3 and a Limited 2xCD version with a live bonus disc which is on it’s way to me right now…

Paul van Dyk’s new record also hits this week. ‘Evolution’ is his 6th studio LP and sees the Teutonic stalwart trying to stay hep to the game. Check out his site for a link to his Ustream live webchat April 5th at 3PM EST. The album comes in a 2xLP, CD+DVD, MP3 and a special box set edition with all of the above (you even get to choose your digital version) plus 2 lithograph prints and bonus tracks. I hope it’s not all poppy like A&B’s last one, or even Paul’s last one. ‘In Between’ was kinda naff but the remix 2xCD ‘Hands On In Between’ was the real gem. We’ll see…

While I’m thinking of it, cheers to the crew at The Garage for a special Saturday night. Those guys down there really know how to do it right: no attitudes and a positive vibe way of life is how they’re livin’.

John Digweed has a new live album hitting the shops on April 30th. The tall cool one gets ‘Live In Cordova’ on Bedrock spread out over 3 CDs, 2 unmixed LPs and the lowly download. You can pre-order the limited edition autographed slipcase version of the 3xCD here.

Finally, that bad-ass on R&S, Lone, whose ‘Crystal Caverns 1991′ single is absolutely blowin’ shit up right now, will follow that with a new full-length, ‘Galaxy Garden’, set to drop on R&S on May 7th. Formats to be announced but you know if it’s anything like we’ve heard in the past two years, it’s gonna rule.

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