Starkillers in Jax! / Dave Angel’s on Bedrock

This single comes from December 2010. It was played at my wedding reception and took the party from 0 to 150 in about 48 seconds. It is still my favorite Starkillers production (and we all know Doorn has gone to hell over the last 18 months like, sadly, most of the Spinnin’ Records empire). N-E-way…

Thursday, 05.16.13 – Starkillers @ Suite Jacksonville

I’m expecting the best out of our opening jocks, Mason and Toxey. We look forward to this. Will the headliner be truly playing live or DJing? Is it a truth-in-advertising ethical issue that I’m the last PLUR disciple to care about?

TOTD: Dave Angel – Harlequin (brand new on Bedrock)

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