In the springtime…

…everything is burning. Moombah-trapcore is this week’s new funky breaks and I’ve done yet another mix of stuff that does better on dance floors five thousand miles away from here. This is for the provincial towns that you jog ’round. Hang the DJ, this is Jax Au Printemps.

Peter Dundov & Gregor Tresher – In The Woods
Knox – Here (John Tejada Remix)
Kernal Key – Out Of Body Experience
Butch – 303 (Paul Ritch Acid Dub)
The Black Dog – Council Flat Emptiness
Kraemer & Neireich – Bang
Kraemer & Neireich – Leitwolf 2K13
Assign – 1988.07.16 Tokio
The Orb – Assassin (Another Live Version…)

TOTD: The Black Dog – End Of Time

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