Yip-Yip. Believe it or not that is the name of a band. Last night we headed up to TSI on hearing that there might actually be some synthesizer mayhem abroad. So first a band of merry men from Nebraska showed up. “The Show is the rainbow” not a lot of synth action more like punks from the Nintendo generation good fun and cool video. Then these bizarre fellows in checkerboard gimp suits with goggles came out with more analog gear then wendy carlos. Ok maybe not that much, but they proceeded to really go quite insane. The Yip Yip sound kinda borders on the glitchie side but had some nice crazy beats that never stood still in one place. Oh and the midi saxaphones were a nice touch! Check em out at http://www.theshowistherainbow.com http://www.yip-yip.com

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