To EDM Or Not To EDM


Festivals: To EDM or not to EDM that is the question that that attack magazine explores in this article. Living in the southeast it’s not a very easy question to answer as festivals that focus on an sort of electronic music are hard to come by.


Apparently Aphex Twin has discovered another ludicrous stash of music that he is going to dump on Soundcloud. Is this news anymore? I guess if your a diehard Aphex fan you will never go hungry.

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Im VERY happy to report that ive found loads more old tapes i never encoded or gave to anybody, been looking a lot on /off last few months and found around 7 tapes, most of which have 20+tracks :)))
Will upload/release soonish.
tip of the iceberg….medicalscience…-10336931.html
bit at the end sums it up:
‘Asked whether such tests are still being carried out, she said: ‘It is not our policy to discuss ongoing research.’
Richard D Hall

Octave One spreads there love of technology on the new RA Sessions video watch below. 


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