Some quick musings to preview the weekend:

Thanks to everyone who showed out for ArtWalk.
If you missed Porter Robinson opening for Tiesto two Mondays ago, he’s coming to Pure this Wednesday, the 12th with Bloodshot and DJ Ironman. For ticket info, follow this link. I enjoyed the trailer that starts off all apocalyptic and then faceplants into those brostep oscillators.
R&S’ new compilation ‘IOTDXI’ is released October 31st on 2xCD and MP3.
Jacksonville Record & CD Show will be at Burro Bar on Sunday, October 23rd. The last show was real busy and we hope to make it even better this time. Come on out and be that digga.
In dub news, our man Dub Theorist will be playing live at TSI on that same night, the 23rd during the Crunchay Sunday proceedings. Check it out for a real cosmic concert – DT comes correct.
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