Sunday Night Sunshine

img by Micah Mackenzie

There are certain people in this world that make an impact on your life. They make you realize the importance of dancing, music and loving people around you. Many years ago Dubtribe was just the thing I needed to open my mind and heart and appreciate the things around me. The first time I saw Sunshine and Moonbeam sitting on the floor laying hands on the synthesizers, shouting out against materiality and proclaiming how special we all are, really struck a chord. It wasn’t just some sample from an old disco song but a heartfelt expression of what life could be or should be like if we truly saw each other as equals and learned to dance together. It was like hearing a chant that rings in your head over and over again, how deep is your love, or maybe it was how deep can your love be? Little did I know, or maybe I should have known that I would meet my future wife right in front of one their magical shows back in 1999.

Fast forward 15 years and I still have lessons to learn. Luckily Sunshine Jones will be gracing us, djing alongside percussionist Earl Lamacs, putting a soul in our house that only this west coast guru can do. I am grateful to be playing with my wife Eowyn as The Strangelovers, alongside Philly G & Catharsis(PCSynergy), fellow jaxlore/egokillerist Eden Alison and Jax house champions Chris Fog b2b w D Rock. Big upz to Byron of the Phukheadz and pst for putting this together as it promises to be special night. I am looking forward so that we can all get down together and learn a little something about life, love and dancing this Sunday night. March 23rd doors at 7pm at Underbelly $10.


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