Should I Care Because You Do?


So Aphex Twin won a Grammy last night for best dance/electronic album. While I am glad he has received the recognition of his brilliance over the years, I am just not that excited about the Grammy’s. Now if they had booked him to play live on the Grammy’s you can bet your ass I would have watched it in hopes of some sort of dancing bear KLF inspired madness would have erupted. However having the pop establishment bless his music still seems very forced as it is anytime the masses have co-opted underground dance. Does this mean the next sugarcoated pop super star will jack didgeridoo on there next top40 forever21 superbowl mall hit or maybe they can all pat themselves on the back as being experimental and open minded and move on to the next edm flavor of the month. Either way life wont change but I hope maybe some young kid out there will pick up a copy of Selected Ambient Works or Analouge Bubblebath and experience his early magic from the beginning and then create something even further out there. For now I’ll just download one of the 150 unfinished tracks he’s been dropping on soundcloud.

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