We’ve been so busy here at Jaxlore HQ and just now finally found time to post some reviews. First, I’d like to give a taste of what’s been on my decks this Spring.


Omid 16B
Rain / Passion Of Zorro
Bedrock Digital [UK]
Release date: 02 28 11

Bedrock Digital has been on fire since their inception and this release follows that trend. Omid 16B (who needs no introduction) brings two progressive watercolors to the table with this two-tracker. ‘Rain’ has a dark, starchy analogue synth loop running throughout while ‘Passion Of Zorro (Club Mix)’ is a tinkling tech-house bubbler that has the best of the Plastic City style in it. These track titles should be reversed methinks. Either way, it’s pair of aces. 8/10


Big Wheel
Solaris Recordings [UK]
12” / MP3
Release date: 04 18 11

This is Solarstone’s first post-‘Touchstone’ output and lead-off single for the sequel to the IDMA-nominated ‘Electronic Architecture’ compilation. The main mix has a fragmented vocal sample a la Andy Moor circa 2005 and, I swear, the synth sounds close to the one in the Leama & Moor remix of Tiesto’s ‘A Tear In The Open’. This is not to diss the track, however, ‘Big Wheel’ is not really a standout track. It would function better as an album track at this length. Shortened to six minutes (like many of the big tracks these days) and remixed to pack more punch would have served this track better. I was hoping for these qualities upon listening to the Solarstone Presents Smashing Atoms Remix, but it was just another bland reworking of the same length. This’ll work clubwise but doesn’t have that Solarstone magic. The respective dubs don’t help either. 5/10


Sander Kleinenberg
This Is Recordings [NL]
MP3 (iTunes Exclusive / Amazon Exclusive)
Release date: 06 14 11

Today sees the release of the slightly retooled version of SK’s album from late last year. The tracklisting has been shuffled to put more of the poppier elements up front. The first half of this album, aside from the fierce and moody breaks of ‘Closer’, is shallow. Sander works better as a selector and less as a verse-chorus-verse songwriter.
Kraak & Smaak along with Ursula Rucker turn in a decent ‘The Journey’ and Jon Fugler (who fronted the EDM heavyweights Fluke and sung lead on SK’s ‘Venus And Mars’) turn in a strong one in ‘Disko Riot’. The track that separates these two, M.A.N.I.A.C. is a driver, too. It’s the hat-trick of these three, which come later on in the album, that makes the best part. The other entries fall by the wayside as mediocre party jams. 5/10


Paul Oakenfold
Perfecto Fluoro
Release date: 04 25 11

Paul is reviving the Perfecto Fluoro label, his old trance offshoot of Perfecto Records. I was hoping for an old-school ‘96 Eastern-style time in the vein of the old incarnation and that is exactly what I got. Say what you will about Paul, this is one balls-out stormer. There are changes throughout and it’s pretty fresh. It could have functioned as a one track single though. The remix paled in comparison so much I didn’t even download it. And you know I’m a completest. 7/10

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