If you’re going to ESF make sure you check him out. It looks like he’s playing both days.

John Graham has been in the scene for 20 years now. He started out with a darkcore project in the early 90s called Skanna, got signed to A&M UK as Quivver in ’94 and dropped two singles: the latter of which (‘Twist & Shout’) is a total Jax club classic. Robert Goodman opened up with it at the 618 reunion last year and it still blew up.

Quivver went on to sign with Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto label, releasing another 12″ (‘Believe In Me’) and forming the legendary Tilt, with Parks & Wilson. They had a run of 4 absolutely huge singles before moving to Hooj Choons, probably the most famous label of the day (even among the scene in Jax) and releasing ‘Invisible’, their biggest hit. Even though many of these records only charted in the UK, they were ALL being played here in Jax.


In ’99, Quivver came to the Milk Bar @ Paradome (which was what they were calling it then before 618 and later, DV8 – the original Milk Bar had left 128 W. Adams) and killed it. A friend of mine even got my ‘Invisible’ CD singles on Hooj autographed as well.

Anyway, he’s put out some incredible music in the 13 years since like his Space Manoeuvres project (the ‘Stage One’ single was also big in our clubs), his Boz Boz label, the ‘Dirty Nails And Vapour Trails’ album and the work for Bedorck just to name a few things. I won’t bore you. See for yourself. He is not to be missed!

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