One more day left

Wow its been an isane trip still one more day left. were up early today if you can call 1129a early but we want to catch the master Carl Craig. Last night was crazy Le Petit Orb wasnt there full live show but they throw down and have wowed a whole ‘nother generation with massive deep tunes. Before that previous festival promoter Kevin Saunderson showed us all what it really means to have the good life in detroit. We went and checked the J-Dilla and they were holding down, we misssed some of the earlier acts because we got stuck buying vinyl at Record Time 😉 Chris Liebing and SpeedyJ brought out the big room techno as they destoyed the masses. Later that night we stopped in at the Ghostly party and saw Carsten Jost and Lawrence drop my favorite bleeps. Then we shot down the street to this crazy party and got to hear Ben Sims level the place will Wolf and Lamb dropped some tasty fresh signals. Upstairs had a more experimental vibe with noise terror from Richard Devine and Otto Van Shirach. Get this the club had a bowling alley in it. Classic. I wanted to stay and hear modeselektor but it was 4am and we gots to go.

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