Klub Kalendar

TSI and Bangarang Events are hosting the 6th annual Wet Hot American Summer Party tonight to be followed by an afterparty at 3am (eternal), the location of which will be announced at the venue. Lineup: 22:30 Combustible 23:15 Mason Masters 00:00 Vlad The Inhaler 00:45 Kevin Velarde 01:30 Taylor Wells 02:15 Seth Edemik. Check the links for more info and dress code. $10. 333 E Bay St, Downtown.

In case you haven’t heard yet, Tiesto‘s stoppin’ by Jax on Saturday, September 1st as part of a festival. Check here for more info as it comes.

Yep, it’s time for another Aahz reunion on July 3rd at The Beacham in Orlando. These parties are the best reunion parties going. Dynamix II live doing the classics?! That may never happen again. If you’re off on the 4th, I highly recommend the drive. Click here to get the DL from the Aahz Army. $15/$30. 46 N Orange Ave, Orlando.

TOTD: Greg Downey presents R.I.C.O. – Afraid Of The Dark

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