Hocus Focus WMC Pt3

Ok so you know those ghostly folks have a label called spectral um maybe you’ve heard of it, a certain Audion is going to through down live at Spectrals’ Losing It party and if you have never seen Audion live then you don’t know what your missing, um btw seth troxler and lee curtiss are also visiting…nice thats friday the 27th @ Grass. Lets rewind a day or two to Wednesday the 25th, because the Electric Pickle will be in full swing with Leftroom and Wolf + Lamb turing it out Matt Tolfrey is sure to bring smiles to all the boys and girls, along with Lee Curtiss and Droog of course Wolf+Lamb (djs). Ok and just when you thought you had it all planned out Bpitch Control decided to through its 10th Birthday in Miami @ The Awarehouse. Ellen Allien, Sascha Funke and Thomas Muller are going to get all berlinesque on you Saturday night the 28th. Whew man i have to catch my breath and I havent even mentioned Ultra, you’ll have to check that one yourself 😉
Ok I must mention a few free parties that caught my eye the Pornograph folks are kicking it on Tuesday with a nice lineup at the Chesterfield, you catch Punisher there, then on Wednesday, Craze, Shy FX, Drop the lime are kickin in free-style at the White Room and Thursday Kyle Geiger, Marc Ashken and Teggno friends are kickin it at the Chelsea. I tell you its going to be insane. Keep yours eyes peeled for Ego Killer TV as we will be down there recording all the techno goodness! Stay tuned…detroits a coming!

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