Get it together

So I’ve been a bit quite as of late so there’s quite a bit to catch up on.


First and foremost was a fantastic celebration of the life of Paradise Garage and house pioneer Larry Levan. Lets hope the brass in NYC name a street after him.

Update: Check out the 5 hour set from Red Bull here.

Tycho’s latest album Awake is out now and is as lush as you want it to be catch the new video for See below:

Then if you need to get your feet moving, Theo Parrish has the answer:

and it seems like everyone wants to dance lately.  go figure. Hercules and Love Affair have a classy jaunt with I try to talk to you

And let me jazz it up a little bit with my favorite of songstress as of late Fatima working with Floating Points on her latest:

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