Field Report

I sure was excited to hear about this. The Field’s got a new one coming out and since Pitchfork blew their load all over it in advance I thought, maybe it’ll really their best one yet. The title looked promising. Listening to the samples though, I doubt it. And I tried hard. Forget about those runnin’ 12 minute jams of the past. Other bands and labels have that slow, rock-oriented, piss-take-but-not-trying-to-be-a-piss-take music on lock. I expect more than 2 tracks to be danceable. 100 bpm is not danceable, Johnny K. Hole. I’ll probably check those sound samples again since I definitely consider myself a fan but I can see why Alex Willner is the darling of rock critics who can tolerate a cup of electronic music every now and then. Also, in an effort to bum you out even further, The Field’s tour isn’t coming anywhere near the Southeast so we’ll just save the real estate on this blog and not post the dates.
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