Einstein A Go-Go : Reunion


In every scene people have a connection to a place or time where they first got introduced to music. For me my first taste was at an all ages club called Einstein A Go-Go. I remember a friend asking me to go check it out and when I started asking around I got “oh that’s where all the freaks go”. I was sold. My first trip there was an imprint on my mind that I would never forget. The minute I walked in the door I knew this is exactly where I wanted to be. I started dancing and didn’t stop until the last song. I couldn’t even put into words what I just witnessed but I knew that this was just a taste.

This exposure to alternative music was like being hit by a wave of sound. The Pixies, 808 State, Ministry, Stone Roses, My Bloody Valentine, Ride, The Cure, The Shamen, Fugazi, Mudhoney, Cocteau Twins, Sisters of Mercy these are just bands on the tip of my tounge that on any given night, you could get down to an unholy mix of diversity that still speaks volumes to me today. And the lives acts that came through, Jane’s Addiction, Nirvana, The Cranberries, 10,000 Maniacs, They Might Be Giants, the list is long and is a testament to how many loved this cultural enclave at the beach.

This slice of underground revolved around the amazing generosity of the Faircloth family. Sisters Tami and Terri provided a cultural lifeboat of the south to teens who danced to a different beat. It didn’t matter who you were or what you listened to, when you came to Einstein’s you were accepted. As friends, musical guides, councilors and purveyors of sub culture, what the Faircloth’s gave us was one of the most important clubs in the city. They provided a place for kids to meet, dance and learn and realize that life didn’t have to be top 40, you didn’t have to conform, and in fact you were better off if you didn’t.

Fast forward many years later and my tastes have taken a turn for the more electronic but I still feel in my heart of hearts the diversity that Einstein’s exposed me to, still fuels my desire to be different, be myself, make my own musical path and of course dance until the last song is played.

Einstein’s Reunion is July 26th at Eclipse

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