Ego Killer Invasion

Ego Killer has had a busy August of far, with The Hacienda House Party coming up on August 15th it is going to be madness and yes we have real flyers!!! On the Ego Killer TV front a new show airs on Comcast CH 29 Saturdays at 830p with Audion’s Full of Blinding Light, Orbital’s Halcyon and Tom Middleton’s Kalahari with a little Animal Collective thrown in to boot. We’ve been hitting the beach on Sundaze at the Atlantic, Ted Lane is rockin this Sunday click here to get on his guest list! Also there is some bleep madness at TSI on August 31th with Minusbaby, Lissajou and otras. Be sure to kick it Saturday night it’s also Eowyn big 3-0, it will be a ravingly good time!

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