Detroit afterhours

Well folks our yearly visit to the Motor City is right around the corner and it is hard to contain myself. I wanted to take a moment to give the low down on some after hours madness. That we know and love. First is a double punch to the gut with the Spectral X : YEL3 opening party. Our old friend Speedy J will throw down a 5 hours set, while Spectral faves Matthew Dear, Ryan Elliot and Seth Troxler play nice threesome, but a live appearance by Ghostly newbies Birds & Souls is bound bring chills. Of course if you are jonesin to see Omar S you’ll have one night only at Berreta’s This is home. Ben Klock and Marcel Dettmann will bring some Berlin flavor to the Centre Street Social,  of course we cant talk about Berlin with mentioning Ellen Allien and Stimming rockin the Smart Bar night at the Majestic. Of course for those who know Metroplex turns 25 and is a line up of Detroit proportions, Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson all under one roof. And of course the after party to end all after parties Need I Say More returns once again to the old Miami and we are of course looking forward to our Ghetto Blaster brew at 7am. There is so much going on so I will let you do a little diggin check out Resident Advisor for a complete listing and for some local knowledge Detriot Luv has all the ins and outs for this years festival after madness. As for me Ego Killer TV will have camera in tow and updates here all weekend long!

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