#DEMF Two for too

Day Two at Demf went deep. We had a late start Sunday but made our way the main stage and were mezmorized with the enigmatic Larry Heard. After his revival and insanely good Mr. White releases I only wish he could have played the main stage even longer. DJ Sneak was surprise favorite for me, his deep house vibe was contagious and had fists flying. The Made In Detroit stage was on. Anthony (Shake) Shakir and then Rolando kept us in motion non-stop with Detroit techno energy at its absolute finest! Of course there was a big disappointment over Villalobos not being able to play the festival but getting to see Inner City take the stage was a classic moment as they performed many of there hits that inspired a generation of house and techno heads. That night we headed to the Metroplex 25 year party only to be held outside the door for an hour and a half and just as we were about to call it quits they started letting everybody in. Downstairs Kevin Saunderson was pounding us into sweaty submission and making bodies dance to and fro with his intense blend of Detroit techno. Upstairs the cold heart of Berlin resonated in Ben Klock's deep, dark, piercing take on the sister city's sound . But alas the old legs could stand no more at point and as much as the heart was in it, we had to head back for a disco nights sleep.

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