Deities Of The Dancefloor


image by bridget cross

Throughout my illustrious dancing career, when in the peak of the moment I find myself letting my eyes close and really just letting myself absorb the sounds that are moving my heart. While up in NYC I got the chance to see Tim Sweeney and Joakim and it was truly one of those closed eye moments. For the most part the cameras where put away for the night and people where there to dance and dance we did.

Here is an interesting article about facing the DJ via Thump. Sometimes its hard not to, the infections smile or the look of the Captain manning the ship. But it’s good to remember that it’s music that makes us move our feet and while the DJ is an integral part of that the vibe you bring is also a key to the experience. We are all our own deities of the dance floor, we all have the responsibility to let ourselves go on the dance floor.

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